Land acquisition for Kiesha’s Preserve began with the purchase of the first 20 acres in 1993. Since that time additional land acquisitions have increased the Preserve to over 1,000 acres with 824 acres set aside in a conservation easement to protect the land from development.

We have incorporated the Preserve into a non-profit to enable us to receive grants and donations to maintain and expand the Preserve. The goal is to place additional Preserve lands in conservation easements to assure long-term protection for essential fish and wildlife habitat, and the watershed.

We are working to expand the influence of the Preserve to our neighbors with a conservation plan and incentives that will encourage them to adopt a land and wildlife ethic of protection and preservation.


Kiesha’s Preserve is named after Kiesha, an akita who taught us to look at nature through her eyes on our daily forays on the Preserve. She and her family carried our supplies and equipment on extended survey trips into wilderness areas.